Breakfast Pastries

at £1.50(+VAT)

Platter of freshly baked 

all butter Croissants

Served with butter + preserves 


Freshly Baked Pain au Chocolat


Selection of freshly baked Danish Pastries

Brunch Buffet 

at £6.75(+VAT)

A selection white & granary Halls Cotswold Bakery Rolls

filled with Bacon or Breakfast Sausages

& served with help yourself Tomato Ketchup

Platter of freshly baked Sausage Rolls

and our own Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Puff Pastries

Platter of fresh fruit

Varying selection of tempting whole fruits, beautiful Berries & gorgeous cut fruit

Each course also available separately : 

  •  Breakfast Rolls @ £3.50 per person

  •  Breakfast Savouries @ £3.00 per person 

  • Platter of fresh Fruit @ £1.25 per person