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COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Method Statement


The Thornbury Deli are taking every possible step to ensure the safety of our staff and customers during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We have listed below the measures that we have implemented in all areas of our business to enable us to trade safely and in compliance with the current UK Government guidelines. We respectfully ask that you comply with these changes and procedures so that we can safely be open and provide our quality food products and catering services for you.

We are continuing to monitor the UK government guidelines and will make any changes that may be required or necessary, straight away.


Across All Areas of our Business

  • Training of all staff to ensure compliance with all the guidelines

  • Daily monitoring of the temperatures of our staff on arrival, to ensure they are fit for work. Any staff who show any of the Covid-19 symptoms are advised to isolate for the recommended period of time

  • Daily reporting by our staff on whether any Covid-19 symptoms are shown by any members of their household

  • Surfaces and contact points are routinely sanitised

  • Cashless, contactless payments are actively encouraged (tip – Contactless limit now £45 and Apple Pay allows contactless payments over this amount). NB. we do continue to accept cash but politely request that this is a last resort

Kitchen and Production Unit

  • In addition to regular handwashing procedures in accordance with food safety systems, a timer is set to alarm every 15 minutes for the staff to wash their hands

  • Kitchen staff have minimal contact with our drivers and in any event, at a distance of 2 meters

  • Every workstation is 2 meters apart

  • Any external meetings with customers or suppliers now held remotely and only employees of The Thornbury Deli, delivery drivers from regular approved suppliers and contract cleaners are allowed on site. Suppliers and Cleaners conform to our procedures and we have approved and monitor theirs. 

Takeaway Counter

  • Only one customer to the takeaway counter at a time to collect pre-orders

  • Customers to queue at least 2 meters apart from other customers ahead or behind them. Appropriate queue guidelines/markers will be in place

  • We politely ask that customers place their order before arriving at the Deli (via our Online Ordering Shop on Website, by Telephone or by Email) to ensure a quick movement of the queue!

  • Signage will be displayed outside the building and on our website to assist

  • A safety screen has been put in place for the safety of our staff and customers

  • Contact points are sanitised regularly (this includes door handles and card machines)

  • All work surfaces are also sanitised as frequently as possible

  • Staff wash/sanitise their hands in-between serving each customer

  • In addition, a timer is set to alarm every 15 minutes for staff to wash their hands and be mindful not to touch their faces

  • Please do not come to the Deli if you are showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms

  • Customers are asked to sanitise their hands upon entry or wear the blue gloves to be provided


 Retail Vans & Delivery

  • Our staff wear face masks when delivering or serving from Deli Vans

  • Customers cannot touch anything on the van, our staff will advise selection available and select items on the customers’ behalf

  • Customers must queue two metres apart and keep two metres back from the van. We have a two-metre barrier/marker we put out at each stop

  • The card machine is sanitised after use; this is the only point of contact between our vehicle and the customer

  • Our staff sanitise their hands after each stop

  • Please do be respectful to our drivers. During the current change in regulations and the working environment it is likely to take longer for our drivers to get to each stop. Any abuse of our staff for being late or enforcing our guidelines will not be tolerated

  • Please do not try to purchase any items if you are showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms

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